Welcome to Madison County Human Resources! Thank you for your visit to our website and your interest in Madison County. Madison County is committed to maintaining an effective, respectful, and inclusive workplace. We hope that this website acts as a valuable resource for all things Madison County HR. Please contact us if you have any questions or if we could help you in any way!


The Madison County Human Resource Department operates with a standard of a relentless pursuit of excellence and a sense of urgency to continuously improve and adapt. To ensure we provide first class service, we filter everything through that standard. Our mission is to serve the employees of Madison County with quality, compassion, and integrity. We strive to recruit and employ a diverse workforce while providing a competitive and affordable benefits package.


Excellence in Everything
  • Our goal is to be the gold standard by which success is measured and modeled.

  • We do not take shortcuts or make excuses.

  • Every detail of everything we do matters and deserves excellence.

  • We believe that good will never be good enough because good stands in the way of excellence.

Ownership, Accountability, and Support
  • Every member of HR is completely bought in and has ownership of everything this department does. We do not have successes or failures individually, we have successes and failures as a team. 

  • We are accountable for everything we do.

  • Everyone is obligated, empowered, and expected to pull the stop cord on any project or task if they believe something is wrong or can be improved because our reputations are on the line with every task we do.

Knowledge Seekers
  • We are continually seeking education opportunities to expand our knowledge and understanding of Human Resources.

  • The expectation is that we ALL have an unquenchable thirst and hunger to keep learning and never be satisfied with our level of knowledge,

  • We accept that the more we learn the more we can earn.

  • We are comfortable being uncomfortable because we push ourselves to step outside our comfort zone.

Communication Drives Clarity
  • We focus on clear, direct, and frequent communication about things that are positive, possible, and productive.

  • We believe that achieving our goals and the success of our department is driven by providing unmistakable details and clarity on expectations and the outcomes that are expected.

  • Our goal is to provide clarity to the employees of Madison County through clear communication written in a manner that everyone can understand.

Game Changers
  • Continually evaluating processes and procedures.

  • Continually seeking improvement and efficiency in everything we do.

  • We are proactive and fight complacency to keep moving forward, never being satisfied with where we are today.

  • We are making changes today with tomorrow in mind.

  • Our only limitations are those that we place on ourselves.

Build and Maintain Trust
  • We build trust through making positive connections with our employees, establishing and guarding our character and integrity, and through our level of competence in the work that we do. 

  • We understand that trust is earned slowly overtime and maintained through consistency in our actions and behaviors. 

  • Our goal is to build a trust account with each employee and continue to make trust deposits into that account throughout the tenure of their employment.


Jermie Howell, PHR, SHRM-CP

Director of Human Resources

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Angela Lovelace

Sr. Human Resources Specialist

Tonya Hamilton

Human Resources Officer

Jazmin McCainey

Human Resources Specialist

Briana White, MSM, SHRM-CP

Human Resources Generalist

Bailey McGuire

Marketing & Comm Coordinator

Pamela Flory

Deputy Director of HR

Karen Myhand

Human Resources Associate

Renee Winslett

Benefits Coordinator

Amy Pollard

Benefits Tech

Takesha Blair

Recruiting Coordinator

Shellie Gentle

Recruiting Assistant

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