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Meet with HR 2024

This initiative is a tool to help Madison County HR perform outreach to Employees who otherwise may not normally contact us or see us. Additionally, it is a perfect opportunity to assist employees with any concerns, inquiries, or problem-solving as it relates to HR topics. 


We look forward to speaking with you and your team about these topics, and more importantly, getting to hear from Madison County's most valuable asset- our employees! We welcome any questions, comments, and concerns. We are here to help!

It is crucial that you and your employees attend this meeting!

The goal is to speak with every employee.

We are well underway with Meet with HR 2023, and are looking forward to seeing each one of you and your employee teams soon! 

You can help by ensuring all employees in your department are aware of this event and make sure they attend.

So, what's this about?

Meet with HR is our initiative to make sure all Madison County Commission employees are up to date on the latest information regarding important topics. 

Some of the topics we are covering are the following: 

  • Health and Wellness

  • Retirement

  • Benefits overview including FSA, OptumRX, Sick Leave Bank, BCBS, EAP, and more

  • Drug Testing

  • MVR

  • Job Posting

  • Workplace Issues

  • HR Projects

  • and more!

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